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skapad 18 feb 2016 11:01 | svar 1 st | visats 46 ggr

Reisang (P) 
18 feb 2016 11:01

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and asked yourself what would happen if you mixed a poor Norwegian artist with a German programmer, the answer is simple: a game about a pig that tries online dating.

The game is in a way like Flappy Bird or Snake combined with a wild and funny story that is based on true events. I made a short video (50 seconds) that explains most of it, and you can see the video and also download the game here (it`s free):

I would really like to know what you think! Are we totally lost with a pig in the dark forest of love? Or do you like it? People have been really positive about the story, but we have received reports that the gameplay is challenging, and you might end up breaking your phone playing it.

We actually have video of one of our testers going bananas and losing it when he`s playing. If you want to see it:

If you want to know more, simply play the game, because everything is explained in the story :)


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Sarato (P30) 
18 feb 2016 16:16
You already have on thread.

Ah! Life giving water! Nectar of the gods!

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