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100% Shenmue (den officiella tråden)

skapad 2 mar 2011 18:01 | svar 555 st | visats 2581 ggr

Mr Orange (P29) 
15 dec 2016 05:51

PC Version Available on

There have been many requests for the PC version pre-order option during the Slacker Backer Campaign, and now that agreements by all affiliated parties have been finalized, is accepting Shenmue III PC version pre-orders as of today. As always, sales from the PC version will also help towards the Stretch Goals.

Just as with the Kickstarter, backers will be able to choose whether they would like the PS4 version or the PC version. For example, if you have pledged for the PS4 version, you can still switch to the PC version, or vice versa. Backers will be able to make their choice during the backer surveys. (More on the surveys below.)
Game Development

R&D for various game elements is on course as the development team shifts its focus towards production. Main game scenarios are nearing completion, motion capture tests are well under way, and voicing tests with the cast have begun. Yu-san and the production staff are happy to say they are enjoying the work as they continue to diligently make progress on the mini-games, events, and battles.

“I have been absorbed in developing the game and I stay in the studio all night time to time. My life is all about Shenmue day and night.”-Yu Suzuki
New Work-in-Progress Visuals

These are still work-in-progress and are subject to change.


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ZidaneIX (P) 
27 jul 2017 18:35
Det verkar som att Yu Suzuki kommer till Gamescom i Köln.

"Meet and Greet at the Entertainment Area

We are go for a Shenmue event at the general admission entertainment area! Unfortunately, we will not be doing a large event like showcasing promotional videos or placing playable demos in this venue, but Yu Suzuki will be there and give all of you a big welcome greeting. Don't miss this chance to meet Yu-san in person! He is looking forward to meet you at gamescom. There will be a further update with time and venue for the event in the entertainment area.

Latest news about Shenmue III will be shared in the business area, and we will be posting an update through Kickstarter and our official website at the same timing. So stay tuned to our webpage and Kickstarter page during the gamescom.

Please see the official gamescom site for general event information.

Thank you as always for your support!"

So Says Mr. Stewart

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ZidaneIX (P) 
25 aug 2017 17:20
Mycket bra video som förtjänar att postas i denna tråd:

Härlig nostalgi.

So Says Mr. Stewart

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ZidaneIX (P) 
13 sep 2017 20:07
Rea på Shenmue saker hos Insert Coin Clothing.

Gäller till 14/9.

So Says Mr. Stewart

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ZidaneIX (P) 
18 sep 2017 21:58
Intressant video om Fenghuang som stod som inspiration för staden i Shenmue 3 teaser trailern.

So Says Mr. Stewart

! Anmälj Länk
ZidaneIX (P) 
9 dec 2017 20:47
Adam Koralik i Yokosuka:

So Says Mr. Stewart

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